Exoticycle Motorsports, Inc
Exoticycle Motorsports, Inc
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Exoticycle Motorsports, Inc. offers the highest quality, most innovative bolt on swing arm extensions and performance billet products on the market.  We have the tools and the experience to transform your bike into a super rocket that will blow away the competition.  With a top of the line milling machines, we can build almost any part you can imagine.  The years of expertise and racing, translates into better products that will make your bike better even faster, with speed and function you can trust. 

Admit it - you love speed.  And so does Exoticycle.  You love the rush of adrenaline as it courses through your body when you twist the throttle, and defy the pull of gravity and power through the gears at breakneck speed.  Nothing in the world feels quite like it.  Once you experience that adrenaline coursing through your body, as the world flies by you, you're hooked.  That unique feeling takes hold of you - and you want more! And that my friends, is where we come in.  That's the reason we create some of the most awe inspiring parts that will take your motorcycle from good...to great.  Visit our e-store to see just what we can do to make your bike handle, perform and outlast the competitions.  If you want great service and customized parts and knowledge from racing and building, contact us.

Exoticycle Motorsports wants to do whatever we can to help.  Call us or send us an email and we will work with you on finding the best solutions.  We are flexible and know that some tweaking and tuning will help. So, call us or email us and let's work something out!

Who We Are & What We Offer at Exoticycle Motorsports

  • Over 20 years of racing and custom building of parts you can trust
  • We design and manufacture custom parts for speed and function!
  • Winning first place in races around the country and around the world
  • Experience with real world class knowledge that you can truly depend on
  • Specializing in custom work and products build just for you
  • Excellent customer service and superior work - taking your bike to the next level

We Know How to Make Power and Win !

  • The ultimate in street tire drag racing
  • High Performance bike and engine building
  • Custom built parts designed and tested for racing
  • Performance tune-ups and accessories built just for your bike
  • Professional, courteous and experienced service and tech support

With the skills and racing expertise of Johnny " Turbo " Dobrin - a racing legend - and a super talented and skilled and dedicated professional, mechanic, and racing know how.  He loves to compete and customizes each bike to go even faster.  You are in great hands with Johnny and his custom skills as the creator of innovative and reliable products, used to make your bike even faster.  You can trust his amazing skills and detailed knowledge, to make your street bike even better than imagined.

Years of combined winning experience, and the ultimate dedication to the sport, and a true passion for racing...these things have made Exoticycle the very best at what can be done.  Creating and sell customized parts, using our decades of real world experience, we can put them into your motorcycle with skills you can trust in.

Take the knowledge of our custom parts and incredible services, and use them to your advantage.



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